Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the founders of Pitch IT Live.. ?

Pitch IT Live was imagined by Simon Hedley ( ) after he saw how important mastering pitching was for himself and entrepreneurs in the UK and around the world.  Simon partnered with some of the best unemployable experts who have helped their clients generate millions in sales from a few hours pitching their offers.

Do people have to buy or invest at pitch it live ?

100% not. Pitch it live is not requiring or suggesting you buy, join or invest in any of the pitches you hear or become aware of.

What experience does the pitch it live team have around pitches?

The team supporting the launch of Pitch It live have put on thousands of successful events, raised billions in capital and produced billions in sales. They have done this over the web, through tv and radio and live in the world. they are recognised experts and authorities in their field and you’ll get to meet some of them and learn how they think and pitch live at pitch at live.

How often does pitch it live happen?

Right now .. We have one event planned and are also intending to create the worlds best training and resource to learn and master the secrets of how to pitch.

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